We have strict criteria for being a limousine or taxi driver.

Drivers must: 

  • be licensed by the WCTLC and affiliated with a WCTLC-licensed base station
  • have a valid N.Y.S. chauffeur's license (Class E or better) or license of similar class from state of residence
  • be courteous at all times
  • operate vehicle in full compliance with state, county and local laws; Westchester County Airport regulations, local municipal regulations, and Rules and Regulations of the WCTLC.
  • ensure that all vehicles are equipped with ‘Please Fasten Seatbelt’ signs
  • maintain a hard-copy or read-only electronic trip log to include date, time, pick-up/drop-off location, passenger’s name. The Trip Log should also include Off Duty notation when applicable.

Drivers cannnot:

  • prohibit a passenger from riding in the front seat if necessary
  • smoke in vehicle
  • refuse transport to anyone with a physical disability or assisted by a guide dog
  • pick up a passenger at a taxi stand or pick up fares that have not been pre-arranged.