The responsibilities of the base station owner are as follows:

  • Must be a WCTLC-licensed base station owner
  • Must be in compliance with all aspects of the Westchester County For-Hire Vehicle Law and Rules and  Regulations of the WCTLC
  • Must supply the WCTLC with an annual schedule of rates and written notice each time rates change
  • Must ensure that all drivers are licensed by the WCTLC and have a valid chauffeur's license (Class E or better)
  • Must ensure that all vehicles with a seating capacity of 15 or more passengers is driven by a driver who has a commercial driver license
  • Must check vehicles daily for good working condition, ensure that cars are inspected annually by a state DMV, and are affixed with all necessary state registration and inspection stickers, including a WCTLC permit decal
  • Must ensure that all plate numbers and VIN's match numbers that appear on related registrations and WCTLC licenses and permits
  • Must have adequate insurance coverage for base station drivers, affiliated drivers and all vehicles as defined in the Westchester County For-Hire Vehicle Law
  • Must state in all advertising its WCTLC base station permit numbers   
  • Must keep a current list of all affiliated drivers and vehicles and supply the WCTLC with a copy of the list
  • Is responsible for storing and maintaining all business records
  • Cannot dispatch a vehicle from any location other than that specified in the base station license.
  • A base station must have at least one vehicle (owned or affiliated) and one affiliated driver.
  • Ensure that all vehicles be equipped with ‘Please Fasten Seatbelt’ signs.
  • Ensure that all drivers maintain a hard-copy or read-only electronic trip log to include date, time, pick-up/drop-off location, and passenger’s name. The Trip Log should also include Off Duty notation when applicable.