This page is only for Westchester County Taxi and Limousine Payments. If your Summons/Ticket does not start with the letters ‘TLC’ then you are not on the correct website page. Please consult your Summons/Ticket for the municipality that is listed on the paperwork or call the municipality where the ticket was issued

To pay fines for any Notice of Violation from the Taxi and Limousine Commission, go to the Westchester County Taxi & Limousine Payment System.

When the payment page opens, always verify that the agency is identified as Westchester Taxi and Limousine Commission and the PLC number is 6375.

This site only accepts credit cards as payment. Be sure to enter all the required fields. You will need to enter your ticket number and court date, which are on the front of the appearance ticket. When entering payment information, the amount due is located on the face of the notice.

Payments must be received before the due date on the face of the appearance ticket. Otherwise, the administrative law judge shall find you in default for failing to be present as scheduled and will impose a non-compliance fine.

Take care when entering your information. An error in transcribing the summons number may result in the payment not being credited in your account.

Remember to keep a copy of your receipt for future reference should you need it.

For further assistance, you may call (914) 995-8392.