Complete all forms and bring all of the following documentation at time of application.

1. Application form

Answer all questions truthfully and completely. Notarize applicant's signature.

2. Registration

Supply valid motor vehicle registration (NY, CT, or NJ). For an unregistered vehicle, an original Title or original Bill of Sale in name of vehicle owner reflecting vehicle information is necessary.

3. Proof of insurance

Supply a photocopy of your "Acord” certificate of liability insurance paper. WCTLC must be named as certificate holder. The FH-1 card alone will not be accepted as proof. All vehicles with a seating capacity of more than 5 but less than 20 passengers must maintain insurance coverage of $500,000 / $1,000,000. All others must maintain state minimum liability insurance from state of registration.

4. Driver license

Supply a photocopy of your driver's license. Also, bring license with you for identification.

5. Transfer

If you currently hold a WCTLC vehicle permit and purchase a new car, then you must obtain a new permit with the updated vehicle information. You must submit a for-hire vehicle application, the above listed documents, and the existing WCTLC windshield sticker.

6. Payment

Provide two separate money orders or company checks.

  • Fingerprint fee - $90; made payable to "Westchester County." Fingerprint fee is not required for renewal applicants.
  • Registration fee - $300 for in-county vehicle permit made payable to WCTLC.
  • $275 for out-county vehicle permits made payable to WCTLC.
  • Late fee (renewal applicants only) - Renewal applicants that are registering their vehicles late are required to pay an additional $75; made payable to WCTLC.
  • Transfer fee (current permit holders only) - $75; made payable to WCTLC.

7. Fines

All outstanding fines owed to WCTLC must be paid before submitting your application.