Follow the steps below to apply as a driver.

1.  Fill out the application form

  • Answer all questions truthfully and completely.
  • Notarize applicant's signature. New drivers only.
  • Any individual who assists the applicant in completing the application must complete the Interpreter Information section of the driver application.

 2.  Provide References

Three people not related to the applicant by blood or marriage must complete a form. Each form must be notarized. Reference forms are not required for renewal applicants.

3.  Provide two forms of identification

One form of identification must be a driver license, class E or better, or equivalent from the driver's home state (CT, NJ, or PA).

The second form of identification must be from the list supplied in the driver identification section of the driver application.

4.  Social Security card
You must submit a valid, unaltered, original Social Security card. Laminated social security cards are NOT acceptable. An original work authorization form must also be supplied if the following is stated on the Social Security card: "Valid For Work Only with DHS [or INS] Authorization."

5.  Fees and payment

Money order, company check, (payable to "WCTLC"), or credit card:

  • Fingerprint fee: $90, new drivers only
  • Application: $135
  • Late fee: $75 - Renewal applicants who submit their applications late are required to pay this additional fee.

6.  Self-addressed, stamped envelope
Supply a standard size envelope with proper first-class postage. Print name and address in the center of the envelope. If your application is approved, this envelope will be used to mail your permit.

7.  Defensive driving course
All for-hire vehicle driver licensees and applicants must complete a New York State Department of Motor Vehicle (NYS DMV) certified six-hour Defensive Driving Course. Read the course requirements.

8.  Outstanding fees and/or fines
All outstanding fees and/or fines owed to WCTLC must be paid before an application will be approved. Pay using through the county's online payment system.

9.  Drug testing
You will be given further information as to what procedures to follow for drug testing when you submit your completed application. If you do not take or pass the drug test within the required time frame, your permit will be denied.