Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up decal

Westchester County’s Thumbs Up program is the first of its kind in the country. Participating drivers whose fingerprints show they have no criminal record will be issued a “Thumbs Up” decal by the county to be posted on their passenger window to alert customers that their driver has undergone this critical level of screening.

Fingerprinting provides best safeguards
While no screening can be 100 percent foolproof, law enforcement officials say fingerprinting provides the best safeguards. Not only does fingerprinting offer access to the best data bases of criminal activity, but those data bases are constantly being updated. This means law enforcement can be alerted to criminal activity that occurs after a driver is hired, not just before.

While the NYSDMV is responsible for regulating ride-share drivers, they do not yet require that drivers be fingerprinted. Learn more about the Thumbs Up program.

Apply to be certified today
Apply to be Thumbs Up certified today and give your customers the added confidence of knowing that you took the extra step of passing a fingerprint certification as part of your background check. Apply to become a Thumbs Up certified driver

Contact information
For any questions or inquires, contact the Westchester County Taxi and Limousine Commission at (914) 995-8400 or .